Impact Investing

Education is at the cross-section of investment and philanthropy.  Many high net worth individuals and family offices are very focused on philanthropy as well as investing.  We all want to improve the education system in the U.S.  Unfortunately, many compelling early stage EdTech firms struggle to get real investment funds because investors either don’t understand the dynamics of education well or they are repelled by the often misunderstood dynamics of the education industry.  As a result, philanthropists make a lesser impact by giving grants to education endeavors.  Many non-profits, though well intentioned, are not forced to make the hard business decisions of for-profits.  And they often find themselves dependent on the next grant.  If only investors could find the right early stage EdTech companies to invest in!

Finding The Best Opportunities

The EdTech Fund sifts through hundreds of EdTech start-ups to find the most compelling business opportunities.  We leverage our network of schools and teachers to understand what products schools need and will actually buy.  As a result, we are able to remove a significant amount of risk from our investments.

Accredited Investors Can Invest With The EdTech Fund

The EdTech Fund’s partners invest their own capital in each company, and when there is room for other investors to participate, we contact our large network of high net worth individuals and family offices to let them know.  If interested, those accredited investors can invest directly in the start-up.  EdTech Fund does not charge any finder fees or profit share. We work very hard to make our portfolio companies successful.  Bringing additional capital to the companies is part of that effort.

We sometimes put in place advisory services agreements with our portfolio companies in exchange for equity.  Those advisory services can include business and strategic planning, team building/hiring, product development, partnership development, sales & marketing, financial forecasting and introductions to our vast network of senior executives in the publishing and financial services industries.

If you are an accredited investor and would like to discuss investing in education technology, please contact us at